Why hiring a real estate broker

Hiring a real estate broker for your purchase is the key to a successful transaction.

By carefully choosing and hiring a broker to represent you as a buyer, you have a broker truly working to represent your interests rather than the seller's interests.

Your broker will give you all the necessary information for you to take an educated decision at each step. Several contacts in different field will be shared with you. Your conditions, delays and price will be thoroughly defended. In the current seller's market your broker will make sure you get a showing and are able to deposit an offer before other buyers. Your broker will give you the best advice to get your offer accepted, will negotiate rigorously throughout your due diligence period as well as price reduction if needed.

In addition, hiring a broker as a buyer is free!

Customer Testimonials

My partner and I had an amazing experience in finding a beautiful home with Karina Macknish. So much so that we recommended her to several family members and friends who were all very pleased with her professionalism and expertise.

Mirella Passa

Working with Karina to find a house was a great experience! I especially recommend her for first time buyers - she always explains everything very clearly, she never puts pressure on you, and she has a good eye to spot all the details one might miss during a visit.

Martine Couture

We recommend Karina's services without hesitation! She offers impeccable, honest, professional and personalized service. She is attentive, available and has an eye for detail. We developed a relationship of trust with her during our meetings and we never felt any pressure from her, which allowed us to be much less stressed when buying our house. We have found the ideal house thanks to her!

Camille Roberto

Karina was a very good realtor from the beginning. Not long after starting the process I realized that she puts her clients interest first. I realized this during a property visit when she told me not to buy the property we were visiting. It was the first time a realtor had ever told me that. It`s at this moment I knew I could trust her and she had my interest as a priority. When it came time for negotiations she was extremely skillful and used tools that only a seasoned realtor would use. The entire process made me realize that having Karina as my realtor saved me money in comparison to other realtors and buying independently. I highly recommend Karina due to these strengths which has made the entire process an enjoyable one.

Mathieu Gaudette
Ville Saint-Laurent, Montreal

Always ready to answer our questions, she made the first purchase experience pleasant and we greatly appreciated her expert advice, careful research and exemplary professionalism. We highly recommend it!

Annick Marion
Rosemont, Montreal

Cela fait 3 transactions que nous réalisons avec Karina dans les 5 dernières années et chaque fois, c’est tellement simple, nous sommes en confiance. Son dévouement et surtout son engagement font toute la différence.Nous la recommandons fortement si vous voulez un service personnalisé adapté à vos besoins. Karina…toujours un plaisir de travailler avec toi!!!

Sylvain Rose

Karina est facile d'approche, engagée et motivée. Elle travaille véritablement pour trouver la propriété que vous recherchez. Toujours disponible pour répondre aux questions, elle a une maîtrise impressionnante de son métier. Également elle a pu nous référé à tous les spécialistes dont nous avions besoin. Je vous recommande Karina à 100% pour une belle expérience dans l'immobilier Merci beaucoup!

François Naud

J'ai fait affaire avec Karina à plusieurs reprises pour vente et achat et elle a toujours été patiente et dévouée.

Nicolas Poisson

Super service. Des conseils judicieux avant, pendant et après l’achat. Une grande patience envers nos nombreuses exigences. Je recommande fortement!

Dominic Poirier

Super courtière qui offre un service personnalisé, écoute les besoins des clients et outille vraiment bien les nouveaux acheteurs. Elle connait bien les quartiers montréalais et n’est pas gênée de vous dire si vous ne faites pas une bonne affaire. J’ai aimé mon expérience. On va acheté avec elle la prochaine fois !

Alexandra D'Amours

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