Karina Macknish Real Estate Agent

About Your Residential & Commercial Real Estate Broker

Karina has been a residential broker in Montreal since 2012 and a commercial broker since 2014 under new certification and permits emitting law. She has considerable knowledge and experience with Montreal's real estate market, neighborhoods and Montreal’s unique buildings & constructions, which will surely benefit you.Karina is very involved in the real estate field and has been an assistant director of 3 real estate agencies answering to 150 brokers. In addition, she has been teaching for Centris.ca to brokers across the province of Quebec since 2017. Her passion for real estate also expands to her personal life where real estate projects and renovations are a daily reality. Have a look at some of her projects featured in La Presse:

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Transforming a duplex into a triplex

Multi-unit buildings, or plexes, appeal to buyers because they allow them to earn income from a property. But they also have their share of surprises in store. Overview of plex life.

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Do your pre-inspection!

Before you make an offer to purchase, open your eyes! Too often, real estate transactions fail when the inspector discovers major problems that were clearly visible during the first visits to the property.

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