Double representation and the duty to provide fair treatment

Double representation and the duty to provide fair treatment

From now on, article 16 of the Regulation respecting the conditions for carrying out a brokerage operation, the ethics of brokers and advertising provides as follows:

“The license holder who represents a party (e.g. the seller) must inform, as soon as possible, any other party (e.g. the buyer) who is not represented of the fact that he must protect and promote the interests of the party he represents (the seller) while granting fair treatment to the party who is not represented (the buyer).”

To make an informed decision, you (the buyer) are hereby informed of the choices available to you, namely:

a) deal directly with the seller’s broker and receive fair treatment; Or

b) deal with your own broker who will ensure the protection of your interests.

In the event that you choose to do business with your own broker, it is desirable that he or she be present during the site visit.

OACIQ says:

What does it mean to be REPRESENTED by a real estate broker?


A broker who represents you will advise you based on your needs and interests in the context of marketing and negotiation, in addition to protecting your strategic and confidential information.


In order for your broker to represent your interests, you must have a WRITTEN AND SIGNED brokerage contract with him.




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